With a lost child, a jealous King, a beautiful statue and the most famous stage direction of all time, Shakespeare’s late, great romance weaves high drama and low comedy to tell a story of heartbreak, reunion and new found hope.

When Leontes, King of Sicilia, becomes convinced his wife, Hermione, is having an adulterous affair with his oldest friend he is consumed with jealously. As the effects of his rage spread, a rollercoaster story unfolds of mistaken identities, a man-eating bear, court-room dramas and a box which holds an extraordinary secret.

The Winter’s Tale combines the tightly plotted excitement of a thriller with the mythic beauty of a fairytale. Sweeping across continents and generations, it has charmed audiences for 450 years and is now imagined afresh in this bold and contemporary new production. Headlong Theatre, The Nuffield Theatre Southampton and Schtanhaus are thrilled to be collaborating with a team of highly-acclaimed theatre-makers on this humane and magical masterpiece.